Kendall Meyer


It all started when…

I grew up watching my father, who was a mason, carpenter, and builder. I definitely caught the bug early. I love the experience of working with my hands and the feeling of using my mind to create. There are few things I enjoy as much as seeing what hard work and grit can accomplish in a days work. Watching a project grow from idea to reality is incredibly fulfilling. I have always had the talent of seeing a finished product before Ive begun, and it's that vision that drives The Meyer Guild. 

The toughest job I'e ever tackled was the Keokuk Train Depot Restoration. We made a few long drives down to Iowa and stayed for weeks to bring a historical train depot back to its former glory. Watching our work get craned up with most of the town coming out to watch was an amazing feeling. That job doubles as the one I'm most proud of, though I really love a custom home we built in Barrington.

The idea for this company started in my garage during a tough time. The company I worked for was making me rethink my love of carpentry. I wanted a place where I could collaborate with other craftsmen to achieve the highest quality product for every client. I wanted more than a company, I wanted a team I could trust.

The Meyer Guild allows me to spread my wings! 

Favorite Song- I'm Bad at Love by Hansley

Favorite Color- Orange

Hidden Talent- I design & build custom speakers

Favorite Superhero- My dad, Randy