Andy Padilla


It all started when…

I got my start in construction whilst on the run from the law. I'm a wanted criminal in 23 countries, though I won't say which ones. Nothing crazy, just typical Robin Hood type crime. I'm what you'd call a roguish egalitarian. One time, while fleeing a particularly beautiful country, I met the woman who would later be my wife. It was a total accident, I just jumped in the wrong car thinking it was my cab. She was way cool with it and said she wanted a fresh start too.

I don't tell many people this, but I also have six toes on my left foot. Ask me to see it, I'm always happy to show it off. My shaman says its a good omen.

Favorite Song- "Like a Virgin" by Madonna

Favorite Superhero- Tobey MacGuire's Spiderman

Favorite Color- Any pastel

Hidden Talent- Not sending in my bio and making our marketing manager make all this up.